BKM-321 purpose and specifications – The mind is everything. What you think you become


BKM-321 purpose and specifications – The mind is everything. What you think you become

The purpose yamobura

The main purpose of any crane-boring machine is the preparation of wells outside diameter of 0.8 meters to a depth of 3 m to any soil surface with a characteristic density up to category 4 inclusive.

Used machinery in the following areas:

  • Utilities. Installation work in the areas of electricity, water, gas pipeline. Work on the mounting rails. The installation of the wells. The landscaping of city parks.
  • Agriculture. The arrangement of pile field. Planting large gardens.
  • Construction sector. Carcassing of buildings. The arrangement of traffic signs of highways and so on.
  • From the above applications, it can be concluded that Bulgarian yoghurt is in great demand not only organizations, but also the population. The photo below shows a typical model of such machinery.


    So, BKM-321 (Amour) is a drilling and crane units, mounted on a base traversed by a wheeled tractor T-150. A distinguishing feature is the tractor chassis that can reach places where conventional drilling rig to go. In conjunction with its own drilling rig used telescopic crane unit, which allows you to lift and move loads weighing up to 2 tons to a height of 7-8 meters.

    The driver can control units via the remote remote control unit that allows you to objectively analyze the situation due to a good visibility to the work area. Consider the basic characteristics.

    Bladed Bur is the main consumable tool drilling unit. Feed drive rod of the drilling tool is a hydraulic, as well as the rotary drive.

    Feature Figure Base, chassis Tractor T-150 Maximum drilling depth, m 3 Diameter of drilling, m 0,25; 0,36; 0,50; 0,63; 0,80 Maximum torque, N*m 4900 The maximum capacity of the crane, t 2 Sector angular drilling grad 60-105 The height of lifting, m 8 The maximum force of lifting equipment, t 5 Weight of attachments, t 1,9 Bur for BKM (option) Bladed Bur Drive the rotation of the drill Hydraulic Feed drive rod Hydraulic Average capacity, PCs/h 5 Curb weight, t 9