the dream of being a pilot – The mind is everything.


the dream of being a pilot – The mind is everything. What you think you become

Among the different courses of driving techniques and driving safety offered by Audi Driving Experience, with different modalities and circuits, is the Sportscar, its most sporty and exclusive category, ideal for those who want to release adrenaline on the asphalt. We move to the Jerez circuit to participate in an unforgettable experience behind the wheel of the new R8 Performance Coupé of 620 Cv.

Once again, the four-ring brand organizes its exclusive safe and sporty driving courses within the framework of the Audi Driving Experience. These are, without a doubt, a way to show the capabilities and technology of its most emblematic models to the media, customers, motor lovers and anyone who wants to try them. But in addition, this exclusive service means for many the possibility of realizing their dream and feeling like a real F1 driver, at the wheel of models such as the S5 (450 hp) or the R8 Coupe Performance (620 hp) in a competition circuit .

Apart from the sensations that they transmit, the tests of this modality are destined to improve the level of driving, so that the participants perform braking exercises with elusive and learn to draw curves at high speed, with the final prize of the lap turns Fast to the circuit. A combination of learning and enjoyment that will leave us with a wide smile the rest of the day (or the week).

Sportscar begins with a small theoretical training on the vehicles we are going to drive and some driving techniques. Then, we go out to Pit Lane to find a ‘troop’ of 9,300 horses formed by the fortnight of Audi R8 with which we begin recognition of the track divided into three platoons. Always connected by radio with the trainers, we begin the recognition of the track by sections to learn the best route and familiarize ourselves with the performance of the car.

Once the terrain is recognized, one by one, the excitement increases as we can roll around the track in caravans of five cars, taking turns taking turns with the guide car. After several rounds of maximum enjoyment on the track and some laps at low speed to cool the brakes, we completed the course with the relevant delivery of diplomas for the ‘work’ done, while exchanging opinions and regaining strength during lunch served in the hangar on foot of boxes.

In addition to the courses in asphalt mode, the school will again distribute the off-road edition that has been so successful last year. This time, fans of off-road driving will have two appointments available during November in Segovia and Barcelona. Two demanding off-road routes where you can learn about the operation of the quattro traction systems of the A4 allroad, Q5 and Q7.